Dentist, Author, Speaker?

Dr. Mac Lee is a third generation dentist in Edna.  His father and grandfather  served the people of Victoria, Port Lavaca, El Campo, and Hallettsville area for over a century.  Dr. Lee’s brother is a dentist in Victoria, Texas.

He has an extensive background in treating more complicated dental proceduresHe teaches other dentists in the United States and Canada on how better communicate dentistry to their patients.  His book, “Nothing Personal Doc, but I Hate Dentists”, was discovered by Dr. Memhet Oz.  This led to Dr. Lee being on The Discovery Channel with Dr. Oz’s “Second Opinion” series.  Dr. Lee was also a guest on Oprah Radio’s “The Dr. Oz Show” and he was the advisor to three of Dr. Oz’s YOU series of health books.

Dr. Lee was one of the first dentists in the Victoria, Texas area to use sedation dentistry for his patients.  He learned early in his career that people do hate going to the dentist. People who have high fear and anxiety of dental work, can now be sedated in a way they have little or no memory of having their teeth worked on. He was a pioneer in teaching dentists and hygienist non surgical periodontics. It is a big word that simply means taking care of people who have gum and bone disease without doing gum surgery. What he was teaching thirty years ago is now the standard of care in dentistry. Dr. Mac is one of the first dentists in the Victoria, Texas area to implement Neuromuscular Dentistry. Neuromuscular Dentistry simply means treating people who have tension headaches, ear aches, neck aches and TMJ and TMD problems.

He is the first dentist in the crossroads area to provide Face Lift Dentures.  Since dentures replace one third of the face, they have the ability to fill out the face and act as a non surgical face lift.  If people have ill fitting dentures or dentures that look bad, a Face Lift Denture can make them look and feel years younger. Dr. Lee has always been a proponent of the mouth body connection. His grandfather taught his father and his father taught him that an infected tooth is going to infect the entire body in some way or another. Some infected teeth are so bad they become a medical problem. If teeth need to come out because of severe infection, he can provide one day dentures.

Along with the more complicated procedures, Dr. Lee also provides the normal services like whitening, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, crowns and fillings.