A Smile Has Influence

You can have it all…

Better look, more confidence, enhanced career, better love-life

President Reagan was famous for using his smile to convey emotion. When he wanted others to know he was happy and pleased, he smiled showing his straight white upper teeth. When he wanted to show seriousness, he smiled in a way that only showed his crowded, crooked lower teeth.

Because we are behind our smile we can be unaware of the visual images that influence opinions from those around us. Today, dental technology can personalize your smile. You can walk into a dental office with brown, crooked and missing teeth and walk out with that “pearly” smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

The new technology

To have a natural looking tooth, light must easily travel through it. Standard porcelain crowns have a metal substructure that blocks light, causing off color teeth with black lines as demonstrated in smile No. 1.

New technology allows dentist to use all porcelain crowns and bridges , which contain no metal allowing the light to reflect naturally as shown in smile No. 2.

The smile you want

The key to having the smile you want is know what is beautiful to you and to know what it will take to get you there. Remember, your dentist is the one person who can help you achieve the results you want for your smile and that important first impression.

It is important for him or her to know your wants and desires. If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, it is necessary for you to express your desires with open dialog. Some patients bring us pictures of a movie star’s teeth to see if they can achieve the same results. We might not be able to give them the same exact smile but knowing and understanding their desires is a good start towards a happy and satisfied patient.

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