Full Mouth Dentures

You CAN have a healthy and beautiful smile…

Sometimes even the Clark Gables of this world need a little help

Did you know his studio, MGM, paid not only to have his ears pinned back but also paid for him to have full mouth dentures? Below is a clip taken from his biography on The Internet Movie Database. “Gable was hospitalized for an infection of the gums on Sunday, June 11 1933, the day before he was to begin shooting on Dancing Lady (1933). He was hospitalized for several days, after which most of his teeth were extracted. Afterwards, he went on a vacation to Alaska and Canada with his wife, as it would take a couple of weeks for his gums to heal enough so he could be fitted for dentures.

MGM shot around Gable until he returned and was fitted with a dental plate, but on July 30, after one day’s shooting, the infection felled him again. In the days before antibiotics, the infection was so serious Gable’s gall bladder was removed. Out another month, the film had to be shut down and went $150,000 over budget.”

One important item Gable’s biography did not mention is that severe decay and gum disease create very ugly teeth, and in Clark Gable’s time, full dentures were the best cosmetic choice available. While modern dentistry can do so much more today towards saving teeth, dentures still provide a beautiful cosmetic result.

Deciding to get one’s teeth extracted and replaced with dentures is a big step. Be sure you know why the teeth need to be extracted and what the replacement of your teeth is going to be like. As I have said time and again, open and honest communication with your dentist is the only way to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

Barbara’s story

Barbara, like millions of other people, hated to go to the dentist because of past memories. Her fear was so great, she put up with the looks that a combination of decay and gum disease can create. What she could not tolerate was the constant pain these infections can cause which finally drove her to make a dental appointment. Another big concern of Barbara’s was the thought of going without teeth if all of hers were pulled. Barbara was pleased and relieved to discover she could have a healing denture put in place immediately after the hopeless teeth were extracted, meaning no on would ever see her without teeth.

The healing denture, which will become lose after healing of the gums takes place, will need to be replaced in several months with a final denture, that will be customized and fitted to Barbara’s mouth. Do not let fear of the dentist or bad past experiences keep you in pain with possible life-threatening infection. Today’s modern dentistry offers many options and there is no reason you can’t have the healthy and beautiful smile you desire.

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