Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Edna, TX

Sedation dentistry is just what it sounds like. Dentists use a sedative to relax a patient to be pain free and unaware of the treatment, almost like they were asleep, but they aren’t.

Why is it needed?

Most folks have read or at least heard about sedation dentistry in the media. It’s been a hot topic over the past 10 years. So why has it become so popular? Simply put, sedation dentistry allows high anxiety patients to undergo treatment in a completely comfortable and relaxed state. Unless you are a dental phobic, it may be hard to understand the real fear many people experience just thinking about a trip to the dentist. Many of these people had horrible experiences as a child and the terrible memory simply will not go away.

The common trait among high anxiety patients is to stay away from a dental office until something happens, like a toothache, which forces them to seek help. It is not uncommon for 20 years to fly by before they seek help. Other reasons patients may benefit from being sedated during dentistry include sensitive teeth, a bad gag reflex, or a fear of needles.

Types of sedation

There are many types of sedation, the most common being nitrous oxide or laughing gas and oral sedation. None of these practices replace local anesthesia so it is still important the patient’s mouth be numb when worked on.

Nitrous oxide
The patient places a small mask over their nose and simply breaths in a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide. It is called laughing gas for a reason; most patients get a fairly big smile on their face once it kicks in.

Oral Sedation
When nitrous is not enough to calm fears; a dentist may give a sedation pill. The most common one used is Trasilam. It is basically a short acting sleeping pill that also produces an amnesiac state. Administration of these drugs does require special training.

Are you high anxiety?

The first step is to admit it is time to start seeing a dentist; one who listens to you, who understands there is a person attached to the tooth and that your person needs special care. Don’t be afraid to call a dental office and ask questions that pertain to your specific needs. If you feel you are a candidate for sedation dentistry, ask about the doctor’s experience in that field. If you don’t get the right results on the phone, call someone else.

The second step is to make an appointment for a “get to know each other” exam. Half of the battle of overcoming dental fear is to find someone you feel comfortable with. Just remember, teeth are very important to overall health. They are your teeth, your time, and your money, so spend some time in finding Dr. Right.

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