Healthy Mouth Healthy Body

Healthy mouth is a gateway to a healthy body

This is a story of a diabetic man who was able to drastically decrease his insulin intake by having infected teeth removed.

In addition to having a history of uncontrolled diabetes, this patient had open heart surgery in 1997 and was recently diagnosed with glaucoma.

He and his specialist worked for years to get his blood sugar stabilized, without good results.

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Dentists Important Role

"Do you snore, John?" I asked a patient during a new patient exam. "Do I ever, just ask my wife," he said with a smile. He was a smart guy and wanted to know why I asked. I went on to tell him that his front teeth were worn, and that's a tell-tell sign of snoring. John also had a large neck and a large tongue that fell back into his throat when he opened his mouth. His shiny teeth were also a clue. Stomach problem can create excess acid in the mouth, which will cause teeth to have a shine. All of these conditions usually coincide with sleep apnea.

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Don't Wait to Fix Teeth

The human body is mysterious and doesn't always do what you'd expect or want it to do.

You would think that destructive conditions, like cancer, hight cholesterol or diabetes, would be associated with pain, but they aren't.

You would also think that having extremely infected teeth and bone loss would hurt, too, but it normally doesn't.

Take a look at these photos, they may be painful for you to see, but the patient was not experiencing any pain or discomfort. These images show an upper left first molar from different views.

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Bad Teeth Can Kill

Believe it or not, this is a highly infected tooth that I surgically extracted from a very sick patient. The lay public needs to know that infected teeth can kill. I know it is not pretty but this subject cannot be ignored.

Spreading Infection

Science has proven for years that infections from the mouth travel to other parts of the body including heart, lung, kidneys, brain, newly placed valves, organ transplants and joint implants.

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