Overcoming Fear of the Dentists

If you hate going to the dentist because you are terrified, this blog was written specifically for you.

Please know that I and my team understand and respect your fear of the dentist. Picking up the phone to make a dental appointment is close to impossible. Just the thought of it creates fear and anxiety. Your fear is real and you cannot just wish it away no matter what friends or family tell them. “Just suck it up, be like me, do it and get it over with” just doesn’t work, ever.

Odds are that you were hurt by a dentist years ago. Most of the stories we hear is the dentist kept on working even when the patient told them it hurt. The dentist would rudely reply, “You can’t feel that because you are numb!” How horrible!

Here you are, basically being held down, not believed and not respected! It created the fear of being claustrophobic in a dental chair, and a feeling of dental fear and distrust of all dentists.

I have been successfully doing sedation dentistry for over twenty years and here is what I have found to work those who hate any kind of dental visit.

We start with a face to face meeting just to talk and only talk. I want to hear your story. I want you to trust that I will treat you with respect and understanding. Most of all, I want you to know that you are in control at all times. At this beginning stage, you, the person who is attached to the teeth, are much more important than the needed dental work. We never even look in the mouth until you are ready. With modern technology, we can take an X-ray of all your teeth without putting anything in the mouth as shown below.

Our number one goal on the first visit is for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. It is the first step in you knowing you are in control. Overcoming the years of dental fear and claustrophobia is a huge step.

Oral Sedation

The goal of oral sedation is for the patient to be in a sedated state throughout the procedure, even if is several hours long. Most high fear patients want to get as much done as possible in the fewest appointments possible. The bonus of sedation dentistry is the product used is not only a sleeping pill, it is a hypnotic which means the odds are very high the patient will remember little to none of the appointment. Yes, a great dental experience to boot.

Since the first appointment is to just talk, is there any reason not to pick up the phone and call me before pain forces you to?