Muscle Pain

Muscle Trigger Point Pain

People underestimate the power of muscles when it comes to pain just like they underestimate the power of water until they are in the middle of a hurricane. To take it a step farther, most people have no idea that a headache, a migraine, shoulder tightness, back pain, neck pain, ear problems, etc could be due to specific muscle spasms called trigger points.

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Head & Neck Pain

A few articles back, I wrote about muscle trigger points around the head and neck and how painful and confusing they are. We saw several patients this week who were in severe pain due to these problems. The purpose of this article is to show how bad the pain hinders one’s daily activity.

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Head Pain

Head and Neck Pain Due to Posture

This illustration speaks volumes about bad posture. Think of your head being a bowling ball. It doesn’t weigh that much when it is balanced on the neck and shoulders but if it is put forward it starts doubling in weight as the diagram shows.

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