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Are You Battling a Toothache?

Find tooth, head and neck pain treatment in Edna, Victoria or Port Lavaca, TX

Toothaches can lead to persistent headaches, nausea and more. If your tooth is hurting and you can't figure out why, reach out to the experts at Dr. Mac Lee's office in Edna, TX. We'll find out what's bothering you and come up with a toothache treatment solution.

The best part about working with us to get your toothache resolved is that we offer sedation services. If you're afraid to come to the dentist office because you think the pain of fixing your tooth might be worse than just letting it be, you don't need to stress out any longer.

Call 361-782-7191 right now to set up a toothache treatment appointment.

Where do you have pain?

Dr. Mac Lee is dedicated to relieving your pain; he offers a variety of head and neck treatment options. Several types of crippling pain could be a result of muscle spasms called trigger points, including:

  • Migraines
  • Shoulder tightness
  • Neck pain
  • Ear problems
  • Recurring headaches






Fortunately, if you're suffering from this pain, you can find relief at our office. With the help of the Olympic trials qualifier and world-ranked 110M Hurdler Chris Thomas, we offer extensive head and neck pain treatment services at our Edna, TX office three days a week.

Contact us right away to schedule an appointment so you can find the pain relief you need.