sedation dentistry Edna & Port Lavaca, TX

Don't Feel Afraid When Going to the Dentist

Sedation dentistry in Edna, TX can calm your fears

Do you experience dental anxiety? Maybe you had bad experiences at a dentist's office when you were young, or maybe you have a health condition that makes sitting through dental procedures painful.

Dr. Mac Lee can make your trip to the dentist a more comfortable experience. Our team offers sedation dentistry options to those in the Edna, Victoria & Port Lavaca, TX areas. You'll receive safe and comfortable treatment, free of pain. Plus, your procedure will take less time.

Find a solution for your dental anxiety-speak with Dr. Mac Lee about sedation dentistry in Edna, Texas today.

Get the facts before your appointment

It's best to find the sedation dentistry technique that is best for you. That's why you'll attend an in-person consultation with Dr. Mac Lee before your procedure. You'll discuss the differences amongst oral sedation, IV sedation and nitrous oxide. You'll feel confident walking in for your appointment knowing exactly what to expect.

Explore options like oral sedation and nitrous oxide now by calling 361-782-7191.